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You are an amazing parent!

You know how I know that?  Because you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t!

So, welcome and let me just tell you how honoured I am that you are here…on this site…checking out our FREE video series and joining our Facebook Group filled with other amazing parents like you.

We are a group of  parents…single parents, divorced parents, married parents, step-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, LGBTQ parents, grandparents, and just plain awesome people that raise and care for kids!

We want to wrap our love and support around you and let you know that you are not alone.  When you are here, you are encouraged and applauded for your parent wins and our goal is to remove shame, self-doubt, and judgement from our lives.

We work together on being the best we can be for our kids…and ourselves.  We do a lot of self-reflection and we always aim for happiness in our everyday lives that somehow become extraordinary when we surround ourselves with a like-minded group of friends.

If you are wondering exactly what we do, check out of FREE video series that offers a bit of love, a bit of self-reflection, a bit of dreaming, a bit of positive discipline (because we know life with kids is a lot more enjoyable when we understand each other better), and a lot of hope for a beautiful life…with kids!

We aren’t here to preach and tell you what to do…we are here to love and encourage you on your journey…your unique journey…because not one of us is alike!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Jennifer XOXO

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Make the changes in your life that can lead you to live a life filled with peace and joy.

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